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Part 2 Hydroponic Tomato Adventures

Posted April 22, 2016

PART 2 OF 2 When Chef Paul asked about hydroponics, Jeff said gruffly, “It’s your first year growing tomatoes? Don’t even try hydroponics. Too many things can go wrong,” Ha ha ha ha. He was so right. But just in case all of the hydroponic tomatoes dropped dead, we divided up the “growing environment”. We grew one third in the odd little clay balls and buckets with tubes, another third was also in the greenhouse in soil bags and the remaining third was outside. In our quest to keep our tender little shoots happy in the greenhouse –sixty five degrees at...[ Read More ]

Hydroponic Tomato Adventures

Posted April 19, 2016

  Our Crazy Hydroponic Tomato Adventures! One fourteen pound King Salmon traded for a "retired" marijuana hydroponic grow system. Check! One new greenhouse and consult with the “Tomato Man”. Check! Our Goal? To grow tomatoes like those we lovingly devoured in Italy; juicy, full of flavor and a deep red color all the way through. This is the story of our first incredibly flawed attempt at growing tomatoes to serve our guests at our restaurant, That’s Amore Italian Café. Late summer of 2015, our servers were able to announce to diners, “Chef Paul is offering Caprese Salad with tomatoes he...[ Read More ]