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About Us

baby salmonWhether you crave great food surrounded by laughter and stories from family and friends or a romantic meal for two near the window to gaze at the sparkling lights of Seattle, you will see why That’s Amore has been a favorite local spot since 1992.

Since we bought the restaurant in February of 2001 we do our best every day to promise you a meal and an experience you’ll not just enjoy, but one you’ll want to share with others ~ more than once.

We especially want to thank our many local customers who have made That’s Amore their second home and have become our friends.

You may have tasted Paul’s cooking at Seattle’s Columbia Tower Club, Arnie’s Seafood Restaurant, or the Courtyard Bistro. His experience in these fine restaurants, combined with his training at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, is the key to his flavorful dishes.

Chef/Owner (usually in the Kitchen) Paul McMillion & Dawn McMillion, your hosts.